Vice Chairman Message

Striving for excellence and commitment to our customers and our country, Bangladesh, since the start of business, the Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd. made their mission successful with their commitment, devotion, responsiveness and sincerity mingled with right knowledge, expertise and technology. Just as rain drops accumulate to make oceans of water, the Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd. has flourished into well diversified companies from a single business venture through supporting our customers’ growth. We have started our journey with the vision of fulfilling the basic needs of Industrial equipment’s, earth moving equipment, Factory and building automation. We sincerely cherish to provide meaningful and relentless efforts to materialize the fulfillment of Industrial needs in Bangladesh. All our ventures aim at making services and provisions within easy reach of our industries and factories. The main objective of Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd. is to cater the changing need of industries of our country through providing very high standard of quality, innovative equipment and service at affordable price. With the time, Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd. now provides various types of Equipment like Material handling items, Earth Moving Equipment, Measuring equipment, Quality control Equipment, Air Compressor, Diesel & Gas Turbine Generator, ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR etc. Our prime partners are premier brand from Japan like KOBELCO, IGNITOR, KOMATSU, MITSUBISHI, YAMATO, HITACHI, YANAMR, FUJITEC. Thank you all for your continued support, contributions and sharing our vision for growth. I wish Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd. and our country a prosperous future and even greater success! And also wish you all good health, happiness and the best luck!

Haruko Isobuchi
Vice –Chairman
Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd.