Shell Corporation is a leading brand name in Bangladesh

For decades, Shell Corporation Bangladesh Ltd. has been the leading local and regional partner for many businesses, offering a total business solution for industrial equipment and vertical transportation; operating leasing and sales of a comprehensive range of international especially Japanese brands, coupled with a countrywide after sales infrastructure.

Through the years, our purpose has remained the same – to be at the forefront of conscious innovation, remaining vital and relevant through the course of a changing economy. We help our customers deal with challenges in the most productive ways, alleviating their concerns.

Our founders believe that our relationship with others is the most valuable currency, and have thus chosen to focus on what’s truly important; our customers who are at the heart of our business. Building our businesses through relationships, our unwavering commitment continues to shine through as we integrate and innovate our value-added services into an all-inclusive business solution. We believe in ‘Shell Care’ where we are with you every step of the way, providing a responsive and continuous service. Forging friendships and driving forward as one – it’s more than just business for us.

Shell Corporation – Anticipating needs, surpassing expectations.

Being first point in distribution and leasing of industrial equipment.

Being first point in distribution and leasing of industrial equipment.

Anticipating needs, surpassing expectations with the Shell Care.

Innovation, People, Relationships, Integrity, Ownership.

Convince, Whenever, Wherever.